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 Art Campus 2023


Art Campus 2023 is back in London - IN PERSON!!

Please join us for an intimate exchange about art and social justice with our world-class line-up! 

Theme 2023: The Asset Value of Social Justice in Art

Many social movements have launched their beginnings in art.  As movements grow, art can play a pivotal role but does the effect of art extend past the art community or is social justice art just art for art’s sake?  What is the financial value of social justice art?  Can we trace the correlation in social change in the society to art?  How is social influence related then to the value of art as an asset?

When:             February 15th, 2023 from 8:15-12:00

Where:           Asia House- 63 New Cavendish Street - London, W1G 7LP


Join us for a half day exchange and active discussion about the role of social justice in art today!

Please share this invitation and reshare our posts on linkedin. 

We look forward to your participation and engagement!

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New Studio

Autumn and Winter 2022 / Spring 2023


It has been a while since I last had a studio to call my own.  A space where I could spill the contents of sketchbooks and begin thinking more about some of the ideas captured during days out doing fieldwork.  A space with with all the equipment to explore ideas using different printmaking methods; where I could review field paintings completed during adventures to far away places and think about developing new more ambitious works. A space where I could look again at notebooks and start developing themes and planning new projects.  A space simply to consider new creative journeys based on elements trapped within all the fieldwork material.

Soon that is all set to change.  It has been a long wait.

In August 2022 we moved into a run-down house in central Cambridge with a huge garden large enough to build a new studio.  Ideas for the exterior design and internal layout have been drafted, structural drawings made, planning permission applied for, and a number of builders have made initial site visits to offer advice and discuss the build.

As it takes shape I'll post updates.



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