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As an artist fascinated by wildlife I work as often as the opportunities arise out in the wild where the rhythm and restlessness of wildlife and elemental landscapes - and sometimes people as well - interact and overlap creating powerful images and dramatic themes about the natural world and our relationship to it.

The starting point has to be the field experience as pure observation is the raw material - perhaps a few small sketches, a larger more considered drawing, or an ambitious painting which one hopes distils something of the day’s experience. A work straight from the field can sometimes be framed and exhibited as it is; what’s left is taken back to the studio to be viewed in a new light and the snatched ideas worked through in different mediums - relief printing, mono and screen printing, or oil painting.

This site sets out to convey a feeling for some of those field experiences and to show a range of creative processes and some of the atmosphere of an artist’s studio.  The site also shows some of the outcomes - pieces of finished work, work in progress, or some of the exhibitions and other events where paintings and prints are shown.

Over a period of almost 40 years working as an artist I have travelled widely in search of  subjects from the Arctic and Antarctica, to Africa, much of Europe, and the Americas.   However, these days I’m spending much more time these in the studio working through the creative debris accumulated over years travelling to wild places.


March 2017

JN ‘Ding’ Darling National Refuge

Sanibel Island

Jordan and Israel

March 2017

Bringing the Dead Sea Back to Life

A joint Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli initiative working with ANF (Artists for Nature Foundation) on a bold new project to raise global awareness of the threats currently facing the Dead Sea.

I’m heading south with One Ocean Expeditions again this coming Antarctic season for two trips on board the Akademik Ioffe (right):

The Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

Oct 18 - Nov 6 2017 (as naturalist)

Antarctica - Off The Beaten Track

Nov 6 - Nov 18 2017 (as artist in residence)

See more about the trips and One Ocean  Expeditions.

Books Bringing the Dead Sea Back tio Life Florida, March 2017 Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula