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Red-necked phalarope

Troubled Waters BirdLife Special Edition #troubled_waters

Other than copies of Troubled Waters I don’t have stock left of any of the other books, films and videos of I’ve been involved with as artist, author (or both) over the years.

However, a thorough web search or look at Amazon usually produces available second-hand copies.

Good luck.

Signed copies available

£25 + p&p  (current UK p&p £5.60)

Use Contact form  to order

Signed copies available

£25 + p&p  (current UK p&p £5.60)

Use Contact form to order

 An original watercolour painting (240mm x 300mm) included with one of the leather bound special edition books

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Far From Land - The Mysterious Lives of Seabirds, by Michael Brooke

With illustrations by Bruce Pearson

Seabirds evoke the spirit of the earth's wildest places. They spend large portions of their lives at sea, often far from land, and nest on beautiful and remote islands that humans rarely visit.

Thanks to the development of increasingly sophisticated and miniaturized devices that can track their every movement and behaviour, it is now possible to observe the mysterious lives of these remarkable creatures as never before.

This beautifully illustrated book takes you on a breathtaking journey around the globe to reveal where these birds actually go when they roam the sea, the tactics they employ to traverse vast tracts of ocean, the strategies they use to evade threats, and more.

Michael Brooke has visited every corner of the world in his lifelong pursuit of seabirds. Here, he draws on his own experiences and insights as well as the latest cutting-edge science to shed light on the elusive seafaring lives of albatrosses, frigatebirds, cormorants, and other ocean wanderers. Where do puffins go in the winter? How deep do penguins dive? From how far away can an albatross spot a fishing vessel worth following for its next meal?

The author addresses these and other questions in this delightful book. Along the way, he reveals that seabirds are not the aimless wind-tossed creatures they may appear to be and explains the observational innovations that are driving this exciting area of research.

Featuring illustrations by renowned artist Bruce Pearson and packed with intriguing facts, Far from Land provides an extraordinary up-close look at the activities of seabirds.

Michael Brooke is the Strickland Curator of Ornithology at the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge. He is the author of Albatrosses and Petrels across the World and the coeditor of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology, and has written widely on science and travel for outlets such as the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

For more information, see Princeton University Press website


I worked on these illustration last winter, going through piles of old sketches and notes to find ideas that might emphasise some of the concepts Michael was advancing in the text.

We drew up a provisional list then pared it back to make sure there was a balance in the number of drawings for each chapter.

All the drawings are pen, ink and pencil on sheets of archival quality hot press fine art paper and are the same size (380 mm x 270mm)

All the drawings are for sale £85 - £195

Please use contact page for further information, and about availability.

These 4 drawing were produced for the book, but were not used in the final published edition

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Northern gannets

Northern royal albatross and white-chinned petrels

Atlantic puffin

Wandering albatross taking first flight

Adélie penguins porpoising

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins chasing squid

Trawler working with tori-lines deployed

Adult wandering albatross

Humpback and Antarctic terns

New Zealand storm petrel

Juvenile greater frigate bird

Magnificent frigatebird

Gentoo penguin

Guillemot with chick descending from breeding ledge

Long-tailed skua

Manx shearwaters

Sabine’s gull

Black-legged kittiwake (juvenile)

Razorbill feeding chick

Shag (winter) surfacing with fish

Indian yellow-nosed albatross snared on longline

Red-footed booby chasing flying fish

Blue petrel with chick in nest burrow

Juvenile black-browed albatross

Immature northern gannets

Arctic skua