Branta Cruises

Cruising the tidal creeks and channels of the North Norfolk coast

Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

With One Ocean Expeditions

November 2013

Across the Southern Ocean

Sailing from Falkland Islands to South Georgia

December 2009

Beyond Timbuktu

BBC2 tv documentary

The World about Us 1994

Pension Insurance Corporation

Commission and London presentation

March - Sept 2013

Red Kites


Winter 2013


SWLA / BTO Flightline project

January 2014

Acquiring an old Albion Press


March 2011

Bermuda in search of the Cahow

Encounters with the Bermuda Petrel

Autumn 2014

South Africa

Three week voyage on a longline tuna fishing boat

September 2011

Birdwatch Magazine

Includes Painted Desert, a 4-page article about the Negev desert and some of the conservation issues facing its wildlife

December 2015 issue

North Atlantic Odyssey 2016

Artist in residence with Wildwings

22nd May – 1st June 2016

Negev Desert

March / April 2014

Arizona & the Sonoran Desert

Journeys through the spiky world of cactii

March 2015

New Networks for Nature

Annual Conference,Cambridge

September 2016

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(Last posting Autumn 2016)

Senegal South Africa, tuna longlining Bermuda in search of the Cahow The Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula 2013 Branta Cruises South Georgia on Pelagic Australis Pension Insurance Corporation Albion Press Red Kites Negev Desert Birdwatch magazine Arizona and Sonoran Desert North Atlantic Odyssey_archive NNN Conference_September 2016

Artist in Residence wih One Ocean Expeditions

Falklands,South Georgia and Antarctica

November / December 2015

Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica 2015 Beyond Timbuktu - BBC 'World About Us' TV documentary Bruce Pearson - painter and printmaker


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