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Top:  Passing down the North coast (October 12th 2009)

Middle:   Heavy sea at night (under moonlight)

Below:  Albatross (etching)

South Georgia on Pelagic Australis

October / November 2009

Last year out of the blue came an extremely exciting opportunity to travel to South Georgia on board the 72ft yatch Pelagic Australis owned by Skip Novak who runs her commercially for charter and adventure cruises to the world’s wildest and remotest regions.

It was an unmissable opportunity to visit the island again, but this time experiencing its beauty at seabird eye level and not viewed from the high vantage of a research ship or cruise liner.  It also meant another opportunity to push forward the Troubled Waters project.

The full story of the adventure will be worked through in time as the project develops.  For now, here are some of the paintings and ideas from the last trip.

Bruce Pearson - painter and printmaker
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