Sketches from a day spent with humpback whales feeding all around among the ice with Wilson’s storm petrels feeding in among the surfacing whales

The voyage

Black-browed albatross on the nest, West Point,  Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

22nd November - 10th December 2015

Again this year I was able to travel with One Ocean Expeditions as ‘artist in residence’ - it was an extraordinary experience!

We had days with clear skies and calm Southern Ocean seas; we had warm sunshine at Brown Bluff, heavy weather approaching Elephant Island and hundreds of thousands of king penguins in enormous colonies on South Georgia.  And for the first time my wife Sara was able to experience the awesome nature of it all for the first time having listened to me droning on about its splendour for the past 33 years that we have been married.

For more information about the trip I am doing next year, please visit the One Ocean website

Sketching Magellanic penguins on the beach, Saunders Island (Falkland Islands), November 2015

Studies of king penguins coming shore, South Georgia

Bruce Pearson - painter and printmaker
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